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Talk at ISC2 - Secure Summits MENA - Dubai - 2017

Participating and giving a talk at the ISC2 Secure Summits MENA at the Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur in Dubai was a pleasure. The event was very professionally organized, as always by ISC2. The speaker's dinner in the evening was excellent as well.

I believe this is the first conference where I give a talk, and all the roughly 100 people attending the event are information security professionals with security certifications. I don't even remember ever having attended such an event. I was very impressed by the skills and knowledge of the attendees, which was well demonstrated in the questions and feedback I got during and after my talk. Other speakers at the event included Naeem Musa (CISO of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission), Tamer Gamali (CISO at the National Bank of Kuwait), Lorna Trayan (associate partner with IBM Security), Saqib Chaudhry (CISO at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi).

As usual, I didn't take any pictures at the event itself. Adrian Davis (@adrian_adavis), ISC2's Managing Director EMEA, did take a few photos and posted them on Twitter. I'm reposting them below.

The ISC2’s speaker dinner was exceptional, as usual.

Dubai - Amazing

I got a couple of days to walk around and explore Dubai. It’s an amazing place, and everyone was super friendly. I hope I will get a chance to visit again and for a more extended time. My all-time favorite was Burj Khalifa, but the marina and the Dubai Mall were also very nice. Here are a few photos.

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