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Talk at OWASP LA - Santa Monica - 2018

I enjoyed attending and presenting at the monthly OWASP LA meetup. Richard Greenberg (@RAGreenberg and Edmond Momartin are doing a great job organizing the OWASP events in LA).

This event was very professionally organized. The event was hosted by “Cornerstone On Demand”.

There were two other people also presenting at the meetup: Ira Winkler (@irawinkler and Tracy Celaya (@_tracycelaya). I enjoyed meeting Ira Winkler again, even though we had little time to chat. I hadn’t seen him since we were both presenting at Hacker Halted Europe back in 2013. Time flies by so fast.

The offices of Cornerstone are located in a beautiful location in Santa Monica. They have a very modern environment, with an excellent game room. It looks like a nice place to work at. As far as I know, they are still looking for more security engineers, so if you live in the area (or are interested in living in the area), I recommend reaching out to them :-)

As usual, I hardly took any pictures at the event myself (apart from a couple I took near the end). The photos I’m including in this blog post are those from the meetup event.

While traveling in California, I did find time to enjoy some of what’s available—hanging out by the beach, going to various restaurants, and attending some shows. Most notably, I enjoyed going to the “The Mecca of Bodybuilding” - Gold’s gym, where I could train with the legendary Charles Glass (@thecharlesglass) for a few days. Here are a few photos from my trip.

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