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Talk at the University of Oxford - 2018

I enjoyed visiting Oxford University. This was my first time visiting Oxford. I’m amazed by how beautiful the place is, how friendly everyone is, and how clean the town seems. I will come back and visit again at some point soon.

I am thankful for having been given the opportunity to give a presentation on my book, “Rethinking IT Security,” which was published last year. My presentation was mostly attended by PhD students in computer science who are studying at the University of Oxford. I had been warned that the students usually have to take off right at the end of the talk, but my one-hour presentation was followed by 30+ minutes of discussions. I’m very thankful for all the positive feedback I received, and I was impressed with the discussions. The atmosphere felt very positive, empowering, and academic. Oxford looks like a fantastic place to study at. I enjoyed walking around the area.

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